Now, the insurance industry is always a tough sell.  No one has ever grown up thinking that when they group up, THEY want to sift through paperwork in order to make sure that one’s home is covered in the event of fire, earthquake, vandalism, acts of God and so on.  That being said, Arizona homeowners insurance is absolutely vital, and it’s something that you should look into for the safety of your family today.

To begin with, a home is more than simply a place to live, as Steinbeck so keenly points out.  A home, for most Americans, is likely to be the most valuable piece of property owned in their entire lives.  It is what those in the world of finance call a “fixed asset,” something that can’t easily be liquidated and have its value transferred that way.  It’s also, as in the case of Steinbeck’s novel, a source of history—generations of Joads lived in the Joad household before the house is demolished and the family uprooted as a result of the Great Depression.  While our own Great Recession hasn’t quite been as bad as all that, you want to make sure that, unlike the Joad family, you don’t lose all the value tied up in your home should an accident occur.

Furthermore, most lenders are going to want you to have some form of Arizona homeowners insurance before they even give you a dime.  That may not sound like too big of a deal, but in point of fact, it really is—most of us can’t buy and sell homes on our own.  If you want a lender’s help putting down a down payment on a home, you’ll have to play by their rules, and that’s going to mean paying for some kind of Arizona homeowners insurance.