What you need to know about Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes

Never underestimate the importance of the right kind of coverage when you seek out Pennsylvania auto insurance quotes. The point of having coverage is to protect yourself and others from the financial hardships that might be imposed if you had a vehicle accident. Can you afford to put your assets at risk? The answer is probably “no.”

So investing a little more up front might save you a lot of heartache and money problems later on.

Should I just get the minimum auto insurance?

It’s necessary to get the minimum coverage required by law, but the question then becomes how much more coverage do you need? The answer to that depends on your specific circumstances.  For example, if you live out in the country, drive only a few miles a day, if that, and have a car loaded up with safety features, you might decide to go with the minimum.

But those who are constantly on the road, especially in urban settings, might make a different decision because their risk of accident is higher.  You may not know that it is estimated that up to 25 percent of drivers don’t have insurance. Keep that in mind when you begin to look at your options.

Most consumers don’t realize that it is the car that is covered, for the most part. So no matter who is driving your car, you have coverage. Of course, those who will frequently use your car must be put on the policy. Be sure to specify them on your policy.

This becomes a bit expensive when you have a teen driver on your policy. Expect to pay more for him or her. But you can find discounts if the teen has taken an approved course in driver education and/or is a good student.

If you drive a company car, make sure you are not using it for personal trips without having a non-owned personal auto policy that ensures you are covered. Your employer should be able to guide you as to what they cover and what you need to cover, yourself.

Mobile apps and car insurance

More and more carriers are offering their customers access via mobile apps. If this is important to you, look for it.  In fact, if the best technology available is one of your criteria, look for a carrier that offers it.

Customer service is another area that is underestimated. You’ll need to do some looking around online for customer reviews. Knock out the very high and very low ratings to get a clearer idea of what to expect.